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ServPro Bio-Hazard Cleanup and Restoration Lexington, Ky.
Mold damage and repair in Kentucky



Accidents or loss of life, whether due to trauma or pronounced isolation, create an immensely stressful time for family, friends, colleagues, and employers left behind in the wake of misfortune or tragedy. During these crises, it is imperative to allow those affected or grieving to process their emotions with utmost privacy, dignity, and respect.

At The Sycamore Foundation, we take on the responsibility of shielding our clients from additional stressors related to biohazard and trauma clean-up. Managing such tasks requires empathy, professionalism, and the competence to work discreetly, safely, and efficiently. Our staff is trained and experienced to ensure that all involved parties can focus solely on their personal and business needs during this challenging time.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Trauma and Biohazard units. Beyond flood damage, mold remediation, and debris removal, we provide comprehensive support to guide you through this crisis.

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