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Water Damage

Flooded basement damage
Finished flooring in basement
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Residential Water Damage:

When it comes to water damage mitigation, entrust the task to qualified and competent professionals. The Sycamore Foundation LLC stands out as one of the IICRC Certified Firms in the central Kentuckiana area. Our commitment is to provide every customer with quality service, professional excellence, and technical expertise.


Handling a water loss event without proper training significantly increases the risk of mold growth and further damage to already saturated building materials. The initial extraction process plays a crucial role, accounting for 80% of what’s needed for a timely and successful dry-out. Additionally, a combination of selective demolition and the correct application of anti-microbial agents is essential for keeping your family and home safe. Effective mitigation involves a blend of efficiency, site organization, and industry knowledge.

Commercial Water Damage:

Water events in commercial structures often share similar mechanical breakdowns or causes seen in residential homes. Culprits may include damaged plumbing, structural issues like cracked foundations or leaking roofs, malfunctioning A/C units, boilers, or hot water tanks. What’s crucial to understand is that the scale of water damage is usually larger than what’s immediately visible. In mere minutes, potentially thousands of gallons of water can disperse. Even the aftermath of fire suppression or sprinkler systems can cost businesses thousands of dollars per hour in lost production time.


Commercial water losses present unique challenges. Damage to electrical components and expensive machinery leads to further downtime—a situation foremen and managers would rather avoid. Trust in the experience of The Sycamore Foundation to assist you and your staff in swiftly returning to normal daily operations while ensuring safety and efficiency.


At The Sycamore Foundation, we specialize in expert water mitigation services for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you’re dealing with a minor sump pump failure or a major hot water heater leak that has left your lower kitchen cabinetry saturated and malodorous, our team is here to assist you.

Our service area primarily covers a 75-mile radius from our headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, and New Albany, Indiana. As one of the IICRC Certified Firms in the central Kentuckiana area, we are well-equipped to handle a wide range of water events.

During this critical time, we understand that your family, business, or clients’ well-being is paramount. Let us take care of the water damage while you focus on what truly matters. Trust The Sycamore Foundation for efficient, professional, and compassionate water mitigation services.

Toilet and sink Overflows         Sump Pump Failures                 Damages via Sprinkler Activation
Ruptured pipes                         Hot Water Heater Leaks           Swimming pool ruptures    
Regional Flooding                    Air Conditioning Leaks             Jacuzzi malfunctions (Flooding) 
Sewage Backups                       Condensation Issues                Basement flooding
Ceiling Damages                      Drain Backups                            Inclement weather

“Experienced Water Mitigation Services to Restore Your Home and Business”

Water-related incidents can strike both homes and businesses unexpectedly. At The Sycamore Foundation, we have the skilled personnel, extensive experience, and a commitment to elite service. Our goal is to swiftly restore your property to its pre-loss condition, ensuring your peace of mind during challenging times.


Hurricane season brings anxiety to families and businesses along our coastal regions for approximately eight months each year. In the Midwest and Great Plains, flooding and tornadoes wreak havoc on countless structures annually. These natural disasters are exacerbated by global warming. Kentucky’s geographical location makes it particularly susceptible to plumbing damage during the winter months. Sub-freezing temperatures lead to frozen pipes, causing significant harm in the Bluegrass state. At The Sycamore Foundation, our staff is well-prepared to address these issues and educate our customers on preventive measures to mitigate such crises.


A sewage backup is one of the most traumatic events that can occur in your home. Sewage poses an exceptional danger due to the combination of water with biological waste. Pathogens thrive longer in such conditions. It is imperative to hire a company that adheres to the necessary protocols for assessing and remediating sewage losses. At The Sycamore Foundation, we possess the equipment, expertise, and appropriate disinfectants to safeguard you, your loved ones, and your staff from life-threatening bacteria, parasites, or viruses. Our bio-remediation personnel work diligently to restore normalcy and ensure a safe living environment.


Water damage resulting from “wind-driven” rain and hail is a common consequence of high-velocity winds. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and windstorms are the primary culprits in this specific classification of water damage. During such events, attics and elevated crawlspaces bear the brunt of the impact. Additionally, buildings with aged dormers, deteriorating shingles, poorly fabricated gutters, and pre-existing siding and trim separations often serve as entry points for water intrusion driven by strong winds.

For those residing or conducting business in flood zones or areas with elevated water concentration, the risk of flooding is significantly heightened due to increased water tables and storm runoff. At The Sycamore Foundation, we specialize in assisting families and businesses dealing with the aftermath of such deluges.


Our comprehensive services include:

Burst pipes repair
Water damage restoration
Water restoration services
Mold removal and remediation
Sewage backup and drain cleaning
Sump pump failure mitigation
Sump flooding solutions
Water extraction
Flooded house recovery
Basement flooding remediation
Water removal
Roof leak repair

Trust us to address your water damage needs promptly and effectively, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

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