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Mold Damage

Mold damage
Mold Damage

There are many misnomers and misinformation concerning mold remediation and removal. Identifying the source of the water intrusion is paramount in resolving a structures mold problem. Mold spores are all around us – there is no getting away from it. Mold is a natural part of the decomposition process and very much needed in a variety of ecosystems. However, depending on the class, type and amount of mold, it can become a life-threatening and economically crippling issue. Immunocompromised individuals and those with respiratory ailments are at the highest risk of becoming ill from prolonged exposure to the mycotoxins’ molds produce. This age-old invasive species is normally detected by your sense of smell. As your property and / or place of business is daily devoured the smell worsens. Drywall, wood, clothing or the glue from sodden laminate flooring or carpet are the “food.” The musty odor you smell is actually biological waste (gases) produced while the mold is feeding. Basically your home or office has become a giant septic tank. Unlike radon or asbestos mold is normally detectable and you should actually be thankful that it’s making its presence known. Respiratory and sinus issues such as excessive coughing, watery eyes, a scratchy throat and even headaches are physiological reactions from mycotoxins. “Mycotoxins” are chemically induced reactions released from rivaling mold species who are vying for the real-estate of your interior or exterior business or home. The Sycamore Foundation will make sure that the biological warfare taking place within your contents, cabinets, floors and walls will result in a “permanent ceasefire” in these affected areas (providing the area(s) remain dry). Contact us for a free consultation and take the initial steps in restoring peace, tranquility and safety within the structure.

Mold doesn’t discriminate as into whom or where it affects. Whether your office is a ground level apartment or a 10,000sf industrial warehouse – the common denominator is that it must be dealt with by knowledgeable professionals. The respiratory and other potential health issues which microbial growth can cause is a very real danger. The very viability of your business hinges on your hiring the right company to do the remediation correctly. Safeguarding the health of your customers’ and staff is paramount in reducing your liability and exposure to unwanted litigation. The Sycamore Foundation has the expertise, equipment and employees to quickly (and correctly) get your business environment back to normal. We especially understand that in business – every moment counts!

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